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Just a short note to let you know that as we continue to switch over to our new website – – we’ll be taking a short hiatus from publishing The Round Up. Rest assured that this marquis section of BirbObserver will be back in the coming few weeks! In the meantime we encourage you to […]

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Basking Sharks

(PORTLAND, Maine) — Scientists say a species of large, but harmless, shark has been gathering in atypically big groups off of the northeastern United States and Canada. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says groups of 30 to 1,400 basking sharks have been seen in waters from Nova Scotia to Long Island, New York. The…

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Tri-national Protected Natural Area for Jaguars

I have a quick and important news article to share. According to the Yucatan Times, Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) has taken the first steps towards creating the first trinational Protected Natural Area (ANP) for jaguars (Panthera onca). The original story indicates that Mexico wants to partner with Belize and Guatemala to […]

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The lives of over 45,000 Wild Horses remain at risk

Source: by Carol J. Walker, Director Of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation I want to personally thank all of you who called, emailed, faxed, wrote and met with your Senators and Representatives on behalf of our wild horses and burros before the Spending Bill was passed last week. Congress did maintain protections for […]

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Hoo goes there?

Last years owling challenge result, I won 2-0. This year was off to a tense start with neither my wife nor myself able to pick up points, there were owls around, a good year for snowy owls too, but upon replay none qualified for points until yesterday. 1 point for a road side hunting barred […]

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Naturally High: ‘Mad Honey’ and 4 Other Natural Psychedelics

Nature is full of drugs. For various reasons, evolutionary forces have led certain plants, fungi, and even animals to develop molecules that interact with the human brain. And while it’s not too hard to get your hands on synthetic psychedelic drugs like LSD or MDMA, many people prefer natural alternatives. Of course, just because something […]

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Forlorn Young Torresian Crow

The pair of Torresian crows that hang around my place only had one baby this year. It’s looking a little scruffy. Sometimes the expressions on its face are quite interesting. The poor thing is often seen alone a tree branch mournfully calling for food or its parents. Have a listen: I’ve been hearing that […]

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