On This Day in 1966 We Got the First Picture from the Moon – Lights in the Dark

On Feb. 3, 1966 the Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft made the first successful robotic soft landing on the Moon. Seven hours later it transmitted its first images of the lunar surface back to Earth. The image above is Luna 9 lander’s first view—the first time humans had ever seen a picture from the surface of another world.

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Powerful and Inspiring: Ashley Judd on Ending Online Gender Violence

“It started the minute I went online.” Ashley Judd has been on Twitter for six years, and for six years she has endured unrelenting abuse at the hands—the typing fingers, to be specific—of misogynists. It began with those who tried to undermine her voice when she was promoting her 2012 memoir, All That Is Bitter…

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What can killer whales teach us about the menopause?

The taboo, perhaps mystique around menopause needs to be lifted, women need to talk about ‘the changes’ in a safe, healthy manner. We women need to own it!  Menopause is natural, liberating and self-actualizing  

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A true visionary – Steve Jobs & the Revolutionary iPhone

Today, our smartphones function like a high-tech Swiss army knife, serving as everything from a communications device to a digital camera to an alarm clock. That multiple-use functionality is exactly how late Apple CEO Steve Jobs teased the first iPhone when he introduced it on stage ten years ago today, on Jan. 9, 2007. “An…

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