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I too have been ignored by HR personnel and interviewers following an interview: no follow up, no response to thank you emails and queries of whether a candidate has been selected.  This article underscores just how much this slight from interviewers and human resource reps can have negative repercussions on their organization-agency-company.

For those who have slighted me following an interview, I rarely use or champion their services, nor do I purchase or promote their material or products – I can’t, in good conscience, knowing how poorly they seem to treat job applicants.  If they can treat a prospective employee badly, I have to conclude that their clients or customers don’t rank too high on their ‘to do’ list either.

If I devote time to prepare presentations and material for an interview – which I always do, I expect at the very least, a confirmation from that prospective employer that they appreciated my time and attention to the interview process and that I will receive, positive or negative, a follow up call or email letting me know the application process ‘end game’.

When a company ignores your resume submission, fails to notify you of your application status or completely neglects you after a series of interviews, you never want to apply for a job there again. Last year, my firm worked with Career Arc to survey job seekers and found that 80% would be discouraged to consider…

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Are we really that stupid?

This article demonstrates that we as a species are becoming as dumb as rocks in my opinion.  I understand the scourge of violence affecting all corners of society, I get it, but before everyone has a hissy fit over a billboard ad, I ask people to use some common sense, to think, conjure up some imagination, and think about WHO is selling WHAT: THINK before we all go on social media to denounce the latest ‘derogatory’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘racist’, etc., statement.  These are gemSTONES – jewelry, most of us would love to receive these rocks!

Mark Twain and other wordsmiths would be doomed in today’s ultra-sanitized social media arena.  Yet another casualty, and scathing indictment of western education – lack of critical thinking!

A controversial jewelry billboard that some think encourages violence against women has sparked widespread online outrage. Featuring the tagline, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls…,” surrounded by colorful gemstones, the Spicer Greene Jewelers advertisement — which was placed along the interstate in Asheville, N.C. — has been criticized by many who were upset…

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The Incredible Journey of Thousands of Lost Robert Capa Negatives

Mexico City, 1995: At an exhibit of photographs of the Spanish Civil War, a man tentatively approaches Jerald R. Green, a professor of Spanish and Mexican art. He tells Professor Green that he believes he has more than two thousand negatives by Robert Capa, who has been dead for over forty years. For decades Cornell…

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Senate Votes to Allow Hunting Grizzlies in Alaska Wildlife Refuges — TIME

So wrong, so inhumane, so barbaric.

The Senate voted this week to abolish a rule restricting certain hunting practices on national wildlife refuges in Alaska— including trapping, baiting and aerial shooting of animals like wolves and grizzly bears. The Tuesday vote was almost entirely along party lines, with Republicans voting to undo the Obama Administration’s restrictions and Democrats voting against the…

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‘Faith in Humanity Restored.’ A Firefighter Brought a Dog Back to Life With CPR — TIME

A lifeless dog that was pulled out of an apartment fire in California was brought back to life after a firefighter performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on it earlier this week. Santa Monica firefighter Andrew Klein’s life-saving efforts were captured in photographs and videos Tuesday and have been getting attention from across the country. The small dog,…

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