Why Hundreds of Starving Sea Lion Pups Are Washing Up in California

Tragic reality for sea lion pups off coast of California


There are now so many young sea lions being stranded on the West Coast that federal officials say they can’t keep up. As a result, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued some brutal advice Wednesday: If you see a beached sea lion pup, call the authorities, but be prepared for them not to come—at least for a while.

Normally the marine mammal stranding network, a series of facilities dotted along the U.S. coastline, will send staff to take in any seal or sea lion pup found stranded and do their best to rehabilitate it. But many facilities in the network are nearing capacity as sea lions wash ashore at a much higher than average rate. Since Jan. 1, rescuers in California have taken in about 1,000 pups—nearly four times the typical total for the first four months of the year.

“The reality is that we can’t get…

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New Google Doodle Honors Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!!


A new Google Doodle is ringing in the Lunar New Year — in Chinese astrology, the Year of the Goat — with an animated graphic that looks more like a sheep. Or it could be a ram. But the confusion is understandable, since the Chinese word (羊) for all three animals is the same.

For people across East Asia, this is an important time for family reunions. In China, what is often called the largest annual human migration on earth takes place as millions of migrant workers leave the cities and board trains to return to their native villages for what is also called the Spring Festival.

It’s tempting to draw an analogy between packed train carriages and flocks of sheep, but, as anyone who has traveled in China during peak periods knows, you need to be much more of a ram if you’re going to stand any hope of…

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Nine Argentinian Photographers You Need to Follow

Well worth following these photographers


Once one of the richest countries in the world, with a per capita income comparable to France and Germany, Argentina experienced political and economic turmoils during the latter half of the 2oth Century that saw the country fall into decline.

This sense of instability, it could be argued, has influenced an entire generation of photographers and artists. Their creativity, perhaps, seems to arise not only from the country’s strong visual tradition but also from a seeming lack of access to resources; a lack that seems to stimulate a process of analyzing, understanding and narrating everyday life. In this context, Argentinian photography may be slowly finding its feet internationally, but it still boasts a coterie of brilliant, established artists.

Alejandro Chaskielberg (Buenos Aires, 1977) – Alejandro Chaskielberg brings an original style to the field of documentary photography, characterized by precise composition and a cinema-like use of light. His images are…

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Penguins No Longer Have a Strong Ability to Taste

‘this doesn’t taste fishy’… shouldn’t it taste fishy????


Penguins no longer taste their food the way most of the animal kingdom does, according to a new study.

According to the researchers, vertebrates usually have five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. But after studying the genetic sequencing of Adelie and emperor penguins, analyzing penguin tissue, and comparing the birds genomes to 14 other non-penguin bird species, the researchers discovered that penguins have lost all but the salty and sour tastes.

“Penguins eat fish, so you would guess that they need the umami receptor genes, but for some reason they don’t have them,” said study author Jianzhi Zhang, a professor at the University of Michigan Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in a statement. “These findings are surprising and puzzling, and we do not have a good explanation for them. But we have a few ideas.”

The researchers believe that perhaps over 20 million years ago…

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Westminster Dog Show Names Best in Show Winner

Yay Miss P!!!!!


We thought they were all equally adorable – insert awww – but there could only be one top dog at Westminster.

Congrats, Miss P!

The beagle from the hound group ran off with the prestigious Best in Show title Tuesday at the 139th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Miss P (formal name: Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble) beat out six other fierce furballs: the Patty Hearst co-owned Rocket (toy group), Flame (non-sporting group), Swagger (herding group), Liz (sporting group), Matisse (working group) and Charlie (terrier group).

Miss P has 19 U.S. best in shows under her belt. As if she could get any more impressive: She’s only the second of her breed to win at Westminster.

“There are seven beautiful dogs. It was a tough lineup,” handler William Alexander said post-win. “I’m speechless.”

It runs in the family, after all, for Miss P, who’s a grandniece to 2008 champ…

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Escaping the Career Waiting Trap

Exactly what I needed to read at this point in my so-called career!!



This article originally appeared on Live in the Grey.

I’ve noticed lately that many of us fall victim to the waiting trap. This is especially common among us ‘go with the flow,’ ‘take life as it comes,’ ‘laid back’ types. We pride ourselves on being very thoughtful and reflective and not impulsive or overzealous when it comes to making a decision, especially the life-changing ones. But could our passive approach to life be one of the main things that hold us back from having what we want? How many times have we strongly desired change in our lives; a new job, more money, to start a business, to take a class, to get more clients, only to find that months or even years later, we’re stuck in the same problem?

What gives?

Goals we never meet

Someone many years ago once told me that the reason I didn’t…

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