Over the Rainbow Bridge

Celebrating Pico 

Anipals Gather to Celebrate Pico’s Life at Anipal Cove!


Dear Anipals … Please Join Us For Pico Budgie’s Memorial Tree Ceremony at Anipal Cove on June 3rd, at 4pm Eastern Time. ~ Please RT!! #PicosTree


#PicosTree: Miss Twiggy says a few words, holding Breenie close to her heart.



A Feather from an Angel A very Special kind To remind you of a cherished pet. Who will be forever on your mind. They are now your Guardian Angel. Watching from above. Protecting you and guiding you With lots and lots of love. #PicosTree



@KatoQParrot It gives me such leaky eyes though thinking of all the friends who helped us with the tree ceremonies, and now have trees of their own here. They will never be forgotten. #PicosTree


@KatoQParrot It is still a place of joy and happiness, but also a place where we remember our closest and dearest friends who have gone over the rainbow bridge. #PicosTree


#AnipalCove is such a beautiful place but so sad too. It’s a place to reflect & remeember all our loved babies. #PicosTree


#PicosTree Thinking of the love and joy brought to us by caring for and living with our feathered companions. Their intelligence, affection and unique personalities are a privilege to have known. Fly free, sweet Pico. You will be missed.


Replying to @OscarTheBetta

Softest #WingHugs, #PicosTree will always stand close to the trees of Felix and Sammy and Pico will never be forgotten by his friends.


Goodbye Pico, my friend, you will not be forgotten. #PicosTree



Replying to @CocoTheParrot @KatoQParrot and 2 others

Miss Twiggy sets up a little table and puts out the banana bread Pico loved so much. Thank you all for being here for #PicosTree. Here is some banana bread, Pico loved it. Please come eat!



I remember when we held the Best parties EVER here!! Anipal Cove was a place of Joy & Happiness. So much fun we all shared here. #PicosTree



#PicosTree : Robin takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and reads with a shaky little voice. Charlie puts his hand on Robin’s shoulder.



Replying to @voon28260442

#PicosTree I’m sorry we’re late… momma had a bad day. But we wanted to come leave a flower, even if we were the only ones here so late…


Fly high, fly free sweet Pico, alight on The Rainbow Bridge and watch over all Anipals.  Until we meet again in heaven Pico, always know that we love you dearly and miss you so much each and every day. 

You are always in our hearts and you will never be forgotten.

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