Crazy About Pionus

Can’t get enough of my girl Keito 🙂

My beautiful girls

My name is Keito, I’m a Blue Headed Pionus Parrot (Pionus menstruus).  My human’s name is Linda.  Mommy, me, Abby my sister (a Maximillian Pionus), dad and a very silly dog named Lincoln live on a lake in Central Ontario, Canada.  Mommy is the typist for this blog thingie, but I’m really the boss of this gig!  Seriously, without me mom would be absolutely lost.  I sit on the back of her computer chair and dictate… and occasionally chew on hair, ears, glasses… skin (oops).

Now a sweet little girl like me never tells her age – but let’s just say I’m old enough to know the score, but young enough to make all the boys’ heads swivel!  I have a few beaus on Twitter and Facebook, but mom tries to make sure I don’t get into too much trouble.  I also have a few friends on Twitter and Facebook who get me into trouble with their antics – it’s not my fault that I get tipsy and fall into the bushes beneath trees from having too much of that moonshine stuff (it’s Oscar’s fault – hee hee)!

I can talk up a storm sometimes – my favourite phrases include ‘good morning Keito’, ‘good birdie Keito’, ‘Keito baby’, ‘bye bye’, ‘gonna go bye bye for now’, and ‘night night’.  My sister Abby isn’t big on talking, she’s kind of a perch potato (oh dear, did I say that…shh).  I love FOOD FOOD FOOD, especially almonds, oh how I love almonds!!

Welcome to PerchSpective, our little corner of the web!


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