COVID-19 Pandemic & Women

Home Is Where the Heart Is, a project being led by Naomi’s Family Resource Centre and funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, seeks to understand the extent to which the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the lives of Ontario women, especially rural and farm women. Many women have experienced tremendous setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from impacts on their personal life due to loss of contact with friends and family through to the loss of economic independence because of lockdowns, restrictions on accessing services, and isolation protocols resulting in the loss of employment and income. Ontario women living in small towns, rural areas and on farms are often at greater risk of isolation, loneliness, and issues regarding personal safety due to the unstable nature of rural and agricultural economies, geographic isolation, lack of services available in the community, and due to more cultural and economic constraints.

Women aged 16 and over are invited to complete a short, anonymous survey via Google Forms. The survey is easy to complete and doesn’t require any login or request any personal information. The link to the survey is:

A huge thank you in advance to every woman who completes the survey! Your voice is important!  Your feedback will Naomi’s Family Resource Centre and other shelters and community-based services such as women’s resource centres, outreach programs, food banks/food programs, health and social services and others develop and deliver inclusive, culturally appropriate resources that women want and need.

A final report, including a summary of survey responses and identified service gaps will be submitted to Naomi’s Family Resource Centre and the Canadian Women’s Foundation in March 2023.

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