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Carp diem as they say. Over the last few years I’ve taken the many lessons learned from over 25 years of Indigenous and mainstream health transformation, systems planning, and program development experience and put that energy and knowledge-base into Perchspective.

Why Perchspective? I’ve shared my home for almost 30 years with parrots, and one of the most important things I’ve learned from them is everything, every issue, has several sides. If you really want to understand something you need to look at it from all angles – the only way you gain a complete understanding.

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Hi, I’m Linda. Previously stuck on the daily hamster wheel of thinking I had to ‘have it all’, I’ve learned to successfully match a home office with my love of country living and spending precious time with my dog, parrots and partner of over 25 years. I love writing about and photographing wildlife and I am deeply committed to conservation and rewilding.

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