Week 94. Atocha to Tilcara. Biking in Bolivia and Argentinia. — Spinning South.

4th till 10th of August 2019. Nature’s way. Nature can be raw, nature can be healing, nature can be unexpectedly beautiful, nature can be brutal. We are still biking at 3,600 meter, enjoying the brisk, clear altiplano light without any pollution, freezing air even when the sun is up. Leaving the still city of Atocha […]

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Travels in Spain, The Don Quixote Collection — Have Bag, Will Travel

“Don Quixote is the national glory of Spain. No one who does not know that has the right to call himself a Spaniard. There is a monument to him in Madrid…he was our first revolutionary.” – Gerald Brenan, ‘South from Granada’ Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery of pictures that I have […]

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Travelling to London – Part 2: The Trends — Just head over, heels

While in London we managed to check out two temporary exhibitions that, wouldn’t you know, were fashion related (I swore to my boyfriend it wasn’t on purpose). The Favourite costume display The costumes of the recent award winning movie “The Favourite” are currently being displayed in Kensington Palace. It has an Oscar nomination for best […]

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Living on the Precambrian Shield

There’s much to be thankful for living in Ontario: a landscape complete with lush forests, countless lakes and rivers, a wide variety of wildlife, cities, and country roads dotted with villages and small towns.  One of the most iconic aspects of Ontario’s landscape are the often endless rock formations.  Especially in central and northern Ontario, it’s almost impossible to look around any local roadway, field or forest without seeing rock.


Living inland from Georgian Bay, the rocks running beneath local waterways and ground are all part of the Precambrian Shield (also called the Canadian Shield) – the ancient geological core of the North American continent.  Covering an immense portion of Ontario, the igneous rock that makes up the Shield reveals themselves along every lakeshore, roadway and almost every forest, backyard and driveway in central and northern Ontario.  This rock formation also towers above many Ontario highways.  When driving along many of Ontario’s highways and bi-ways, it’s virtually impossible not to marvel at the sheer scale of the Shield, and the immense effort it took our forefathers and construction crews to ‘get through’ the Shield in order to build central and northern roads.

Here are but a few photos of such rock beauty.

Mongolia — 2 up thru 5

We were in Mongolia and heading south to Ulaan Baatar. The first thing we noticed was the erratic driving on the highway with passing on corners, hills, and blind spots. The scenery started to change to more hills and fewer trees. We also noticed the aftermath of the flooding that had taken place in many […]

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Bathtime — Transient Local

Bath, England is as cozy as its name– IF you go in the off-season. Suggestion: early May, in my opinion the loveliest time of year for England. The sun comes out in earnest and everything– every bush, every patch of grass, every tree, every crack in the pavement–blooms. Even in May, Bath crawls with tourists, […]

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