Are we really that stupid?

This article demonstrates that we as a species are becoming as dumb as rocks in my opinion.  I understand the scourge of violence affecting all corners of society, I get it, but before everyone has a hissy fit over a billboard ad, I ask people to use some common sense, to think, conjure up some imagination, and think about WHO is selling WHAT: THINK before we all go on social media to denounce the latest ‘derogatory’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘racist’, etc., statement.  These are gemSTONES – jewelry, most of us would love to receive these rocks!

Mark Twain and other wordsmiths would be doomed in today’s ultra-sanitized social media arena.  Yet another casualty, and scathing indictment of western education – lack of critical thinking!

A controversial jewelry billboard that some think encourages violence against women has sparked widespread online outrage. Featuring the tagline, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls…,” surrounded by colorful gemstones, the Spicer Greene Jewelers advertisement — which was placed along the interstate in Asheville, N.C. — has been criticized by many who were upset…

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Late Winter Beauty – March’s ‘Lion’ brings sunny skies

If you live in Central Ontario, you know that winter doesn’t really end with the arrival of March.  I remember a May 2-4 weekend that was spent looking out the window at a wicked winter storm ravaging newly emerged leaf buds and shocked daffodils. I’ve learned long ago to enjoy what winter brings, good and otherwise, for as long as she decides to hang around.

I cherish living in a wooded, rural locale that affords me the enjoyment of all 4 seasons: I wouldn’t trade it for any other clime!

For a career that makes you truly happy, find your purpose—not your passion.

As the director of career discovery at a prestigious liberal-arts school, I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of highly accomplished liberal-arts students and recent graduates as they navigate the professional world. When speaking with alums, I find they generally fall into two groups. Some have developed careers that make them feel engaged, challenged,…

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Home on the Range: the simple things in life make my day, everyday.

When the challenges and push-back of people start bringing me down, I go out in search of the simple – the reality – of living a good life.  For me, this means driving down country roads, past open fields dotted with horses, cows, sheep and other lovely creatures.  Yesterday was such a day for me, I needed an escape from the myriad of issues causing me pause and angst.  I was rewarded when I came upon these beauties grazing and lazing in a field alongside an area roadway.

The Unbusy Manifesto: How to slow down, chill out, and live life more intentionally — Quartz

When did we stop choosing our lives and begin surrendering to them? Half-living each day as a reaction to the constant barrage of never-ending to-do lists, social obligations, work functions, status updates, and more? Pummeled by reactive, autopilot busyness, rather than living life as an expression of who we really are? Of what matters most.…

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Daily Prompt: Percolate

We all need to take a deep breath, close our eyes, and let percolate in our brains the events of the last few months: election results around the world,  icons of music and film taken too soon, struggles and strife, and the continual assault and slaughter of the world’s wildlife.  Let these and other issues percolate in our minds for a while, then let’s all wake up and move forward together to find solutions and build a kinder world!

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