In the October edition, Morty has been called upon to provide advice to a distraught apartment dweller whose birdie companions are becoming too noisy for the neighbors. This parront is desperate for a soundproofing solution to her problem. Morty may have just the answer – but, there are a few bugs to be worked out […]

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Morty the Crank — THE ROOST

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Greetings to all my favorite parrot friends! Alexa is in a mood after she rolled under the couch. She blames me for her clumsiness! Good help is hard to find these days! Recently, I received an interesting letter from a parrot owner. Dear Morty, I live in a three bedroom home and have ten parrots. […]

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Morty is full of hot air – Turbo Jet (Vacuum) Air! — THE ROOST

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by Sherri Moorer The welcome home screams invited me into the offices of Doctors Zack and Bubbles, ready to begin their official duties as listeners and comforters of human sorrows after a hard day at work. “What am I going to do?” I asked, as I plopped in my recliner. “The phones won’t stop ringing. […]

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The Doctors Are In — THE ROOST

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Visit our News on the Wing page to catch up on birdie and nature-related issues and items retrieved from social media over the last few weeks. For example, read and follow the Tweet about the plight of the Swift Parrot: SWIFT PARROT- @teamswiftparrot Successive governments in #Tasmania have failed to protect swift #parrots from deforestation […]


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News on the Wing – August Edition — THE ROOST

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