Look ma, no hands!

IMG_20190208_090844I often marvel at the dexterity and cleverness of squirrels, especially when seemingly defying gravity to raid bird feeders and suet logs.

This morning’s wicked winds and blinding snow didn’t stop this black squirrel from snacking on the suet log hung from the  clothesline.


Squirrels Gone Squirrelly

Even the squirrels – and chipmunks – are becoming anxious to ‘get on’, they’ve got their annual spring ‘plans’ to attend to and all this snow, ice and freezing rain silliness is getting in their way.  We’ve had a burgeoning squirrel population over the winter, but these last few days has seen an even larger contingent foraging beneath the bird feeders.



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Bird feeder blitz

You have to give squirrels full marks for perseverance.  This fellow tested my patience several times earlier today, but eventually, I conceded.  After all that effort and acrobatics, to the victor goes the spoils!