Uh Oh…

Not sure what happened here, but whatever happened, I hope they are okay.

Waning Winter Wonder

Spring may be in the air, but winter is still very present in central Ontario.

Colorado Got Almost 2 Feet of Snow on the First Day of Summer — KTLA

Summer solstice, you say? Nearly July? Judging from the almost 2 feet of snow in Colorado, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care. The white stuff began to fall Friday just west of Denver at elevations above 7,000 feet. Snow also has been reported in parts of Montana, according to CNN meteorologist Gene Norman. A winter… via…

Sparkling Snowscape

Light bounces off the snow like dancing diamonds scattered across the landscape.  Parry Sound area.


Beautiful hoar frost on the treetops the other morning, made for a stark contrast with the bright blue sky.