Why I’m not surprised that Justin Trudeau wore blackface — NBC News Top Stories

People can do racist things but believe they’re not racist in part from conditioning that says burning crosses and lynchings are racist but little else is.

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Law & Order SVU: Still the best!

As a culture writer I’m supposed to turn you on to some cool Euro detective drama on Netflix. Sure, I’ve watched them, and I have to say, not only are they mostly humdrum or clever without being smart, they’re not as interesting as what’s happening on Law & Order: SVU every week. Storylines that are…

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Federal budget – a deafening deficit

Federal budget 2016: Justin Trudeau defends bigger deficit, First Nations funding

Trudeau keeps claiming that Canadians gave him the mandate for his latest plan – less political folly, the 2016 budget. Well no, only those Canadians who voted for him.  Yes a majority, but not all of us are part of that majority. This budget does nothing for the average Canadian looking for work. There’s no job creation strategy, no plan for a stronger health system, no commitment to get us out of a deep, dark deficit hole. Deferred funding for several years and billions going out the door with no accountability strings attached.

The media is clearly in perpetual honeymoon mode with this government and continue to clamour for photo – ops and empty one-liners from Trudeau. It’s been six months since the election, I wonder when the likes of the CBC will stop comparing the current government with that of the previous Conservatives. New government,  move on and objectively assess what’s happening now. 

What’s in this budget for a middle-aged working woman who is just squeaking into the Liberal ‘s broadly defined middle-class ranks in rural Ontario with no kids?  No job creation plan. Nothing for small business development. Likely no money for rural infrastructure needs – all that will be sunk into Toronto.

So no, for me this budget only foreshadows deficits and money pits in favored vote – rich populations and regions.  Freedom 85 here I come!

MPs give themselves and House officers a $25M boost to office budgets

Don’t you just love it when government quietly gives itself taxpayer’s money for ‘MP office expense’ while jacking up everything that taxpayers need to pay for in order to live in this province. Way to go Ontario Liberals!

Deep, Deep Deficit Hole

Bill Morneau’s budget challenge: Deficits and the difficulty of planning for a long future

I really don’t think this government has any plan to be fiscally responsible or practical. School-yard promises leading us all into a very deep, dark deficit hole. #cdnpoli