I met this beautiful girl a few years ago when I was driving along one of the many winding coastal roadways on Prince Edward Island.  She was so calm and gentle, allowing me to get close enough to touch her face and mane.


I was back on the Island not so long ago and wanted so desperately to see her again, but she was nowhere to be seen.  I’m the person who stops alongside fields and barns, taking countless photos of cows, horses and any other farm animal I can find – talking to them all the while.  I wish I could have seen this beauty again; she’ll always hold a special place in my mind’s eye and my heart.

Winter: harsh, but beautiful

Winter in central and northern Ontario is nothing short of amazing.  Yes, it’s often cold, the driving can often be tricky and, sometimes, downright hazardous, but there’s no disputing the beauty that befalls the subdued landscape when snow descends upon it from above.  As much as I miss those warm spring and early summer days, I do so love the crispness and quiet beauty of a cold winter’s day.


There’s something quite humbling about a cold February day, with the sunshine tricking one into believing it’s warmer than it is while at the same time, casting gloriously bright sunlight across open spaces and upon snow-laden trees, lakes and roadways.

Spring brings flowers, summer the warmth, Fall, beautiful leaf colours, but winter, winter brings silence, a time of renewal, contemplation, and the promise of new life and growth in but a few short weeks.


Christmas Wishes

Here’s wishing everybirdie and their humans and flocks (fur / finned / hairy / and feathered) the merriest of Christmases and the very best for 2018!


As Christmas draws closer, time needed to get everything done, and to wish others well gets ever so short.  Keito, Abby and I wish everyone reading this the most wonderful Christmas / holiday season, filled with happiness, good food, good friends, love, and hope for a brighter, better new year.

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