Fall colours in my mind’s eye

Despite the unseasonably warm temps over the last few days, the glorious colours of Fall ’22 are but a memory now. There are still vestiges of glory, but I must now put those memories to bed, like the garden, and leaf through them in the weeks ahead, especially when the winds turn bitter and a blanket of white covers the landscape.

I love each season, and I love how each rolls into the other, overlapping for a short time before subsiding and drifting off into the annals of seasonal time.

But Fall, well Fall is the ultimate fashion show; it screams attention – and for good reason: it’s breathtakingly bold and, without hesitation, it mixes and matches colours never seen on any fashion runway.

Farewell Fall ’22, I miss you already!

Receding Ice, Returning Friends

It’s been a long winter here in the Parry Sound area, but Spring’s warmth is encouraging the ice to recede and soon disappear. The return of the geese and other migratory birds is so wonderful to see.

All too soon, summer will be over and birds will once again be readying themselves for the migration south.

Enjoy every minute of every day as each are fleeting, leaving only sweet memories and longing to regain if only one fleeting moment of time.

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