Autillo Gorgiblanco/White-throated Screech-Owl/Megascops albogularis — Un ave por día (716 especies hoy)

Nombre en español: Autillo Gorgiblanco Nombre en ingles: White-throated Screech-Owl Nombre científico: Megascops albogularis Familia: Strigidae Foto: Nick Athanas Canto: Peter Boesman El autillo gorgiblanco o autillo de garganta blanca (Megascops albogularis)2 es una especie de ave estrigiforme de la familia Strigidae nativa de los Andes en Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Venezuela. Es la especie más grande en el género Megascops con 26 centímetros de longitud y 185 gramos de peso. Subspecies […]

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All eyes on deck — nature has no boss

As usual the Great Horned Owl chicks spotted us before we spotted them this spring afternoon a year or two ago. Tucked neatly into an old broken cottonwood tree one chick up and one tucked neatly inside with only an eye peeking through. The Owls may have paired up already and soon the eggs will […]

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Tawny Owls — The Wilden Marsh Blog

Although many people believe this owl has exceptional night vision, its retina is no more sensitive than a human’s. The owls asymmetrically placed ears are key to its hunting by giving it excellent directional hearing. Its nocturnal habits and eerie, easily imitated call, have led to a mythical association of the tawny owl with bad…

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Eye to Eye – nature has no boss

Seeing eye to eye with a Great Horned Owl in the Foothills outside of Denver CO. It is a joy to study the intricate feather colors and variations on these birds. That little horizontal stripe of black feathers in the light brown on this ones ears is truly amazing don’t you think?

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Hoo goes there?

Last years owling challenge result, I won 2-0. This year was off to a tense start with neither my wife nor myself able to pick up points, there were owls around, a good year for snowy owls too, but upon replay none qualified for points until yesterday. 1 point for a road side hunting barred […]

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