A Dog & His Dock: A love affair

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We put a new dock in this August, and Linc, the ball hound has claimed it as his most favourite place!

Nothing like jumping off the dock after a ball!

Loving this dock mom!

Living on the Precambrian Shield

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There’s much to be thankful for living in Ontario: a landscape complete with lush forests, countless lakes and rivers, a wide variety of wildlife, cities, and country roads dotted with villages and small towns.  One of the most iconic aspects of Ontario’s landscape are the often endless rock formations.  Especially in central and northern Ontario, it’s almost impossible to look around any local roadway, field or forest without seeing rock.


Living inland from Georgian Bay, the rocks running beneath local waterways and ground are all part of the Precambrian Shield (also called the Canadian Shield) – the ancient geological core of the North American continent.  Covering an immense portion of Ontario, the igneous rock that makes up the Shield reveals themselves along every lakeshore, roadway and almost every forest, backyard and driveway in central and northern Ontario.  This rock formation also towers above many Ontario highways.  When driving along many of Ontario’s highways and bi-ways, it’s virtually impossible not to marvel at the sheer scale of the Shield, and the immense effort it took our forefathers and construction crews to ‘get through’ the Shield in order to build central and northern roads.

Here are but a few photos of such rock beauty.


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This is my favourite time of the summer, that time when the cattails (bulrush) rise above their fellow marshland floral companions to proudly display their tubular, brown flower tops for passersby admirers to enjoy.  I often stop, mesmerized by their to and fro swaying in the warm breeze.


Duck Days 2: Checking up on the Mrs.

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Parry Sound Harbour


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My sanctuary, my source of inspiration, reflection and my window into heaven.


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Thank you Mother Nature for providing another spectacular peony show in the garden.  The yellow tree peony is just beginning to blossom now too!

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Rise of the Peonies

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The parade of pink, white and red blooms is about to begin, drumroll please 🤗.

Crazy About Pionus!

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I love my Pi girls so much so that some might say I’m Crazy About Pionus – and they’d be right!  I’ll be posting new photos of Keito and Abby regularly on their new page,  click here to see more of my beautiful girls.

Spring Peeper Symphony #2018

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Taken yesterday evening along our local country road.