Runaway Train Blazes Through Western Australia For More Than 50 Miles — News : NPR

The train had nobody on it. It was eventually deliberately derailed, creating a dramatic crash scene with huge lengths of crumpled, twisted metal on the desert sand next to the train track.(Image credit: BHP)

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Wait, What… who keeps candles & dynamite in the same place???

(BRIDGEPORT, Conn.) — Authorities say a Connecticut woman mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle during a power outage and suffered severe hand injuries. Assistant Bridgeport Fire Chief Michael Caldaroni says the woman was looking to light a candle in her home at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday after the power went out during a…

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Law & Order SVU: Still the best!

As a culture writer I’m supposed to turn you on to some cool Euro detective drama on Netflix. Sure, I’ve watched them, and I have to say, not only are they mostly humdrum or clever without being smart, they’re not as interesting as what’s happening on Law & Order: SVU every week. Storylines that are…

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Hatchline: new bird-related online resource

Welcome to Hatchline, a news, issues and historiography page dedicated to providing in-depth and informative articles that speak to current issues as well as the plight and conditions of birds and their natural environments around the world. Click here to check out our first two captivating articles on the birds of Cuba and Mauritius. Learn […]

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