Oak Eggar — Peter’s Photo Journal

Lasiocampa quercus – I came across this striking hairy caterpillar as it crawled over a sea wall when I was on a visit to Llandudno, Wales. They do not feed on oak as the English name leads us to believe, but its cocoon looks much like an acorn. The hairs may cause skin irritation, which […]

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Forvie’s Wintering Twite — Forvie National Nature Reserve

Today we welcome back guest blogger and ace photographer Ron Macdonald, who takes us on a tour through the dunes of South Forvie, where we encounter one of the Reserve’s lesser-known inhabitants. Over to you Ron… Come with me today, as we take a walk by the estuary side and towards Forvie spit where we […]

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Cradle Mountain Day 4 Part 2 – Wombats and Waldheim — My Wild Australia

Hi everyone, I’m back! 😀 After my last post 6 months ago, I decided to take a break from blogging as I had some issues that required dealing with concerning work as well as a few other personal issues, but I didn’t expect to be away for so long. But now things are going well […]

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Kookaburra Day~ —

I spent the day with this guy as my constant companion. Wherever I went, there he was! There could be no better welcoming committee in the world. He even laughed! I basically fell head over heels. Kookaburras are carnivorous birds, so he wasn’t looking for food. He was just curious and friendly. You have to […]

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Hop on in. — nature has no boss

A little Sand Piper gives me a wink and motions me to join in their morning yoga class on the beach. Although balancing on one leg proved not too difficult I fell flat on my face trying to hop away on one leg like these characters did when a rogue wave came up the beach […]

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Colorful bufflehead — Mike Powell

I was thrilled Saturday when the sunlight illuminated the beautiful colors of this male Bufflehead duck (Bucephala albeola) as he was drying his wing feathers at the pond at Ben Brenman Park in Alexandria, Virginia. In the past I had gotten glimpses of the brilliant purple and green colors on the head of a bufflehead, […]

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