Why Do Some Lizards Have Green Blood?

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Scientists are trying to figure out how green-blooded lizards might benefit from the unusual pigment. The answer could provide new insights into human illnesses like jaundice and malaria.(Image credit: Courtesy of Christopher C. Austin/LSU)

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Pool party for one…gator

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An 11-foot-long alligator went for a night-time swim in a family’s pool in Sarasota County, Fla. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s office responded to a late night call Friday from a family in Nokomis, Fla. who needed help getting the animal safely out of their pool. “The 11-foot intruder didn’t gracefully make his way through an…

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Australian Wildlife

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Wildlife Visitors in December 2017 — My Wild Australia

December was a busy time leading up to Christmas, and it was hot, but I do have some wildlife visitors to share with you. And I am really excited to introduce you to several brand new visitors in my backyard! 🙂 The kookaburras have become regular visitors once again. And here at long last, is […]

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