Busy Birdie Pastimes

For Keito, there’s no place more entertaining it seems then linen closets.  She chortles, struts and preens when in them. Here she is enjoying the bathroom cupboard… silly, sweet girl.

Shortly after our fun with the towels, it was Keito the Klingon time – she spotted something out the window and clung tight to mom while peering to see what dreaded monster lurked outside.

And lastly, I needed help from my girl to decide on that morning’s tea of choice. Big decisions always call for Keito’s input!


A sparkling, one-of-a-kind vintage

If only I could bottle up her intoxicating scent: a musky, spicy fragrance that can rival any perfume!

Keito, Blue Headed Pionus Parrot – Photo Credit, Quarkybirdy