B.C. group wants to kill the seals to save the whales – CBCNews

by Greg Rasmussen (via msn.com)

an animal with its mouth open: Associated Press
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Ken Pearce throttles back on his outboard motor, his boat slowing as it cuts through the waters of the lower Fraser River near Steveston, B.C.

He’s spotted a half-dozen seals swimming in a side channel.

“They’ve fed on the rising tide and now they’re coming in to soak up the sun and snooze,” he says.

Pearce views the animals as a major threat to migrating salmon and the endangered killer whales that feed on them.

He wants tens of thousands of them killed in a commercial hunt.

His group, Pacific Balance Pinniped Society, has support from some First Nations, commercial fishing groups and elements of the sport fishing industry. 

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Interior Dept. moves to allow Alaska bear hunting with doughnuts, bacon

What is wrong with the policy makers at the Interior Department, are they themselves the hunters, or are they just as depraved as those who think baiting bears with doughnuts and bacon is either ethical or honourable?

Where’s the public outcry? I don’t understand how such cowardly policies are even being considered.


Study finds bear cubs staying with mom longer

In many parts of the world, it is illegal to shoot a brown bear with cubs. The restrictions have made mother bears more likely to spend an extra year with their cubs.(Image credit: Ilpo Kojola/Nature)

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Goose hunting gone (a)fowl

A falling goose hit a waterfowl hunter near the Miles River on the state’s eastern shore, knocking him out and causing head and facial injuries. He’s in stable condition. (Image credit: Frank Rumpenhorst/AFP/Getty Images)

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