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They say home is where the heart is.  For me, home is where I hang my heart, hat, and name!  A country lane dappled in warm sunlight, far from any paved road, leads to my home.


I’ve lived in a few cities and towns across Ontario and the country, but both in thought and reality, this driveway leads me to the only place I call home.


My Home Town – Parry Sound

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I wasn’t born in Parry Sound, but for the last 30 years plus, I’ve lived in the area.  It’s small, it’s rumour-filled, the population sign has changed in almost the same time, it’s hokey – but aren’t all small towns?

Winter is harsh, but summers are beautiful – except for the tourists!  For all it’s small town ‘charms’, I have to echo hubby’s sentiment most of the time: “Thank god we live here”!

Welcome to Parry Sound.

All decked out for spring

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Wasn’t quite sure what I’d find underneath the tarp placed over the Muskoka chairs last fall, but all is good – no spiders, just a little bit of ice and snow.  Can’t wait to enjoy some warm spring and hot summer daydreaming from the deck.


Harbour Lights

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Parry Sound harbour is slowly transforming into her spring fashion, ice breaking up and the Seguin river rushing over the rapids.

First Common Loon sighting in the harbour.

Window on the world

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Lucky to have a wonderful view of the wild birds that visit the feeders and hastily strewn peanuts at the side of the house.  Their visits bring joy to each and every day.

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Mid-summer garden delights

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Summer’s warm, sunny days bring out the splendour, grace and magic of the garden.  So blessed to behold such beauty in my backyard.

Late Winter Beauty – March’s ‘Lion’ brings sunny skies

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If you live in Central Ontario, you know that winter doesn’t really end with the arrival of March.  I remember a May 2-4 weekend that was spent looking out the window at a wicked winter storm ravaging newly emerged leaf buds and shocked daffodils. I’ve learned long ago to enjoy what winter brings, good and otherwise, for as long as she decides to hang around.

I cherish living in a wooded, rural locale that affords me the enjoyment of all 4 seasons: I wouldn’t trade it for any other clime!

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