A cartoonist drew a touching tribute to his dying dog. His readers gave him an outpouring of sympathy – The Washington Post

Full article by Michael Cavna – February 8, 2019, from The Washington Post here.

Stephan Pastis’s tribute to his dog, Edee. (Stephan Pastis/by Stephan Pastis / Andrews McMeel Syndication 2018) 

After Calf’s Death, Orca Mother Carries It For Days In ‘Tragic Tour Of Grief’ — News : NPR

What began as a moment of joy ended in tragedy when the infant died last week. Since then its mother has refused to let go, holding her child tightly in what experts call a moving expression of grief.(Image credit: Michael Weiss/Center for Whale Research via AP)

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A Surprising Manifestation of Grief — BirbObserver

by Sherri Moorer Something strange happened to me in early March: somebody got a bad attitude with me, and I blew up. It was a small thing, but I had a huge reaction that was out of proportion to the offence. I have to admit that I surprised myself. Then I took a look at […]

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The Empty Space: coping with the loss of a beloved companion

By Sherri Moorer I think the hardest part of losing Chloe (or any bird) is the empty space. It’s not just the empty space where the cage used to be. It’s the mental and emotional space in her absence. It’s getting up and going to bed with one less bird. It’s coming home to one […]

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There’s no one way to Grieve

A superb commentary on how each of us, in our own way, at our own pace, deals with and copes with grief, and accepts, or doesn’t accept the loss of a loved one.  After losing my father last year, I too continue to ‘sort out’ and ‘dig deep’ to find a place where his absence in my life does not feel still so raw.

For the first three years after my beloved brother’s death, I could not bear to say his name out loud or look at a picture of him. So it was with both compassion and dread that I read Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, And Finding Joy, which describes her life…

via My experience of grief looks nothing like Sheryl Sandberg’s — Quartz

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