US Government Climate Report Forecasts Worsening Disasters

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Massive U.S. government climate report warns of worsening disasters
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Heatwaves can ‘wipe out’ male insect fertility

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Heatwaves can ‘wipe out’ male insect fertility

Trump blames California’s water policies for wildfires

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A President bullying people and a state in a time of utter disaster and devastation, blaming them for events that are beyond their control.  Such cruelty and callous disregard for loss of life, property and dignity is totally un-presidential behaviour, yet sadly, such has seemingly become the norm for this administration.

by Timothy Cama – The Hill 

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President Trump is solidifying his opposition to California’s environmental policies, saying they are to blame for the state’s historic wildfires.

Trump initiated the spat on Sunday when he tweeted that the fires “are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws,” which cause water to be “diverted into the Pacific Ocean,” and prevent trees from being cleared.

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Apple growing is a ruthless business obsessed with good looks. Higher temperatures affect every part of of the fruit’s life cycle, from more pests to changing color — and can even give them sunburn.(Image credit: Jake Rajs/Getty Images)

via A Few More Bad Apples: As The Climate Changes, Fruit Growing Does, Too — News : NPR

A Few More Bad Apples: As The Climate Changes, Fruit Growing Does, Too — News : NPR

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Warmer weather means that barnacle geese fly faster to their breeding grounds, leaving them too tired to lay eggs right away. By the time they’re ready, the babies have missed the best food.(Image credit: Thomas Lameris/NIOO-KNAW)

via Migrating Arctic Geese Are Confused, Exhausted By Rising Temperatures — News : NPR

Migrating Arctic Geese Are Confused, Exhausted By Rising Temperatures — News : NPR

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How Climate Change Threatens Tropical Birds

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Hot climate conditions reduce survival of tropical birds, UWindsor study says

Floating Sunscreen-Like Film Could Protect the Great Barrier Reef

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By blocking some of the sunlight hitting the reefs, conservationists hope to dial down the rapid decline of coral.

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via Floating Sunscreen-Like Film Could Protect the Great Barrier Reef — National Geographic News

Polar Bear Starvation & Global Warming

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New science sheds more light on recent controversy over how much the large carnivores are being impacted by melting sea ice.

via Polar Bears Really Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Study Shows — National Geographic News