And so it begins…

The gardening season, and spring for that matter, doesn’t commence for me until I bring out my Muskoka Chair and situate it alongside the yet-to-be-tidied side garden.

This is my haven. As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is my ‘spot’ on this blue planet, the one place I can tune out everything and everyone else, along with the burdens of my mind and body.  The other chair is a newcomer to the party, meant for company, or a place to set a drink.


Jump-start on the garden

I can’t wait any longer to begin the seasonal pilgrimage to local and regional nurseries for this spring and summer’s garden show stoppers!  I’ll be doing the plant shuffle from outside-garage-back out again for a few more days yet, but I don’t mind.

I found these lovely Heliotrope and Verbena plants at Sobey’s this morning, woohoo!


Lavender, glorious lavender!


A collection of lovelies hanging out behind the car – don’t want them to get too scared of their eventual garden location just yet 🙂


I drove down to Orilia a few days ago and came back with a trunk full of roses, mock orange and geraniums.

Lots of work to do to get the gardens prepped and ready for the season (i.e., leaf blowing and raking), but all will come together soon.  Hopefully I can’t get a jump-start on the blackflies too!

Happy early gardening everyone!