Frills, Fluff & Mid-summer Fancies

Nothing says ‘Hello August’ like day lilies. Despite my ongoing battle with the deer, I’ve managed to see a new crop of beautiful day lilies emerge from the warm summer soil.

Day lilies, astilbe, monarda and coneflowers, the hallmarks of mid-summer blooms.

The deer, squirrels and chipmunks have made sure I’ve seen few roses this season, but thankfully they’ve left a few mainstays to admire.

Soon September will bring an end to the abstract painting that is the 2020 garden. Best I get out and enjoy nature’s canvas while I can.

A Celebration

Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are one of the most versatile and hardy plant species for the Ontario garden.  Their cheerful colours and range of sizes offer something for anyone looking to brighten a sun or sun/shade spot in the garden.


I’ve spent  years collecting different varieties, and then eagerly awaiting each to unfurl in the early, mid and late summer garden.

Gardens wouldn’t be complete without the bright, happy colours of daylilies gracing garden borders and back recesses.

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