Tigers, Lions & Bears (Pandas that is)

I finally got down to the Toronto Zoo this past Tuesday, at long last visiting the zoo’s ‘youngsters’ – white lion cubs, giant panda cubs, Juno (the cutest polar bear cub ever!), and Nandu the Indian rhinoceros calf.  They were all adorable and active!  The Sumatran Tigers are my favourite large cat species, and thankfully one of these beautiful cats was ‘on the move’ when I visited her enclosure.  The white lions were also gorgeous, and being able to take a ‘family photo’ of all 6 atop their enclosure’s large rock was a perfect photo moment if ever there was one!   The red pandas are just too darn cute, with their luxurious auburn/red coat, ringed tail and masked bandit face. Lastly, the majestic snow leopard was sleepily lying against the viewing window of her enclosure, so another perfect photo moment presented itself.  A truly glorious day, filled with beauty and revelry for the diverse wildlife of which we share this planet.

Happiness is: Fields of Hay

No doubt, if you live in the country and love country-living as much as I do, you probably enjoy taking long drives down country highways and byways just to enjoy the sight of endless fields dotted with bundles of hay.  Something primal stirs in my soul when I see hay in a field, reminding me how close we are (and should be) connected to the land.  I also love seeing the creative hay stacks/bundles…. who knew there were field fish 🙂