How a 20th-century hunting boom left the Amazon with “empty rivers” and 23 million dead animals — Quartz

The fashion for wild animal skins and furs drove a hunting boom in the Amazon basin through the 20th century. A mass industry sprung up almost overnight and the hides of otters, jaguars or alligator-like caimans were soon being shipped round the world to be turned into coats, hats or accessories. The Amazon rainforest, and…

via How a 20th-century hunting boom left the Amazon with “empty rivers” and 23 million dead animals — Quartz

Federal budget – a deafening deficit

Federal budget 2016: Justin Trudeau defends bigger deficit, First Nations funding

Trudeau keeps claiming that Canadians gave him the mandate for his latest plan – less political folly, the 2016 budget. Well no, only those Canadians who voted for him.  Yes a majority, but not all of us are part of that majority. This budget does nothing for the average Canadian looking for work. There’s no job creation strategy, no plan for a stronger health system, no commitment to get us out of a deep, dark deficit hole. Deferred funding for several years and billions going out the door with no accountability strings attached.

The media is clearly in perpetual honeymoon mode with this government and continue to clamour for photo – ops and empty one-liners from Trudeau. It’s been six months since the election, I wonder when the likes of the CBC will stop comparing the current government with that of the previous Conservatives. New government,  move on and objectively assess what’s happening now. 

What’s in this budget for a middle-aged working woman who is just squeaking into the Liberal ‘s broadly defined middle-class ranks in rural Ontario with no kids?  No job creation plan. Nothing for small business development. Likely no money for rural infrastructure needs – all that will be sunk into Toronto.

So no, for me this budget only foreshadows deficits and money pits in favored vote – rich populations and regions.  Freedom 85 here I come!

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