Finch Fiesta

Dozens of gold and purple finch ascended on the bird feeders over the last two weeks, probably wondering where and when spring will come to their territory.  Despite having to shoot through the bay window, I managed to take a few nice photos of the finch on both the clothes line and feeders.

Goldfinch – Photo credit, Quarkybirdy

Despite winter’s extended strangle hold on early spring, these beauties were a most welcomed sight.

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Window on the world

Lucky to have a wonderful view of the wild birds that visit the feeders and hastily strewn peanuts at the side of the house.  Their visits bring joy to each and every day.

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Blue Jays Rule the Local Roost

The jays have been busy this winter, scarfing up the peanuts as soon as I throw them out each morning.  They’ve also taken to the new peanut/suet log feeder, to the chagrin of the woodpeckers who believe any and all suet feeders are theirs alone.

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