How Did Birds Lose Their Teeth And Get Their Beaks? Study Offers Clues

Modern birds are dinosaurs without toothy jaws, and with bigger brains. Newly published research fills in some of the missing links in their evolution.(Image credit: Michael Hanson and Bhart-Anjan S. Bhullar/Nature Publishing Group)

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Tree Swallows — Through Open Lens

F/5,6, 1/400, ISO 125. Walking around Secaucus, NJ I came across a domestic argument between two Tree Swallows. They were chirping so loud at each other, that I thought feathers were going to fly. But in this case, argument came to an end and the tree Swallows went back in to their respected homes. […]

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Finch Fiesta

Dozens of gold and purple finch ascended on the bird feeders over the last two weeks, probably wondering where and when spring will come to their territory.  Despite having to shoot through the bay window, I managed to take a few nice photos of the finch on both the clothes line and feeders.

Goldfinch – Photo credit, Quarkybirdy

Despite winter’s extended strangle hold on early spring, these beauties were a most welcomed sight.

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Harbour Lights


Parry Sound harbour is slowly transforming into her spring fashion, ice breaking up and the Seguin river rushing over the rapids.

First Common Loon sighting in the harbour.

Eye to Eye – nature has no boss

Seeing eye to eye with a Great Horned Owl in the Foothills outside of Denver CO. It is a joy to study the intricate feather colors and variations on these birds. That little horizontal stripe of black feathers in the light brown on this ones ears is truly amazing don’t you think?

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