Bird Feeder Prize Draw — Bramble Garden

Just a quick reminder to please leave a comment on my post here * to be included in this week’s prize draw for a bird feeder kindly donated by CJ Wildlife. It’s a lovely little feeder which looks good, and keeps the bird food dry. It come with 1kg of insect suet food, and normally […]

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Chickadee dee dee

Of all the wild birds that grace our backyard feeders and chatter among the trees, none are as endearing as the Black-capped Chickadee.  Friendly and gregarious, Chickadees make the winter’s chill a little less biting.  My favourite songbird by far, I long to hear them extolling their trademark chickadee dee dee tune each and every time I enter their outdoor world.

A Thanksgiving Feast – For the Birds — Oakland County Blog

WILDER SIDE OF OAKLAND COUNTY Wintery weather arrived early in Oakland County and with it came a flurry of bird feeding questions; among the top of the list were two questions. The first was actually more of a comment with a negative connotation, but I considered it an implied question: “Squirrels keep robbing seed from […]

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Finch Fiesta

Dozens of gold and purple finch ascended on the bird feeders over the last two weeks, probably wondering where and when spring will come to their territory.  Despite having to shoot through the bay window, I managed to take a few nice photos of the finch on both the clothes line and feeders.

Goldfinch – Photo credit, Quarkybirdy

Despite winter’s extended strangle hold on early spring, these beauties were a most welcomed sight.

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Clothesline closeups

Bird feeder blitz

You have to give squirrels full marks for perseverance.  This fellow tested my patience several times earlier today, but eventually, I conceded.  After all that effort and acrobatics, to the victor goes the spoils!