Do birds inspire your creative writing?

…then submit your work to Horus! BirbObserver welcomes your writing and artwork about your own bird, wild birds – basically, anything about birds – real, fictional, mythical, etc. Send us your poetry, short essays, short stories, artwork, etc., and we’ll post it on our Horus page for all to appreciate! Email your submissions to Remember […]

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Culture Wars & Appropriation 

I understand the power imbalance of different groups, I get it, but I also support and encourage creativity, imagination and the power of storytelling. These traits belong to all humans, and I am of the opinion that we have evolved as a species through the borrowing, bartering and yes, the bastardization of cultural and social ‘aartifacts’.   If you are offended by something written, painted, said, etc., you have the right, and a myriad of forums to offer your reaction.  I have the right, and the forums to provide my perspective as well. 

‘Really tiring’: Indigenous writer says ‘appropriation prize’ op-ed is proof more needs to be done

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